Thursday, 26 February 2009

TIP - Label Cloud

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Lee posted a comment in the last post asking if I had/could/would post a tip on how to achieve the 'Label Cloud' I use here, and one which I built for her.

Well, I haven't, I could, but I won't!

No, that is not a rude response. I am not going to post a tip on how to get that particular 'Label Cloud' and appear to take credit for it. Simply because I 'stole' it, and simply because phydeaux3 does a much better job.

If you visit his site through the link above you will see that he has a comprehensive tutorial on what you have to do to get the 'Label Cloud' to display on your site. Please do visit him and you will also realise that there are some really smart, and helpful Bloggers around. All you have to do is 'search'!

If you get into difficulties and you aren't able to contact the original author, please feel free to ask here and I will make every effort to help you out. Can't say fairer than that!


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Cath said...

And I thought it was all your own idea! Hmph! Bubble slightly shrunk.

I think it is very fair and when people have asked me to tell them how I did it I have pointed them to you. To me that is just good (n)etiquette. It's not mine to give away and I consider it a gift from you.

Another one you did for me you might share - how did you get the border on sidebar pictures?
WARNING to anyone who does this though - you need to resize EVERY picture on your sidebar (except profile) to just a few pixels short of your sidebar width and NOT shrink to fit. Or you lose a few pixels off your picture.

It's well worth it for perfectionists like me though. A very neat finish. :)

Fletch said...

In all fairness to me, I've never claimed the 'Label Cloud' to be mine; only helped other users to install it to improve their display, on a one-on-one basis. It certainly beats Bloggers 'lame' offering hands down!

The 'border-on-sidebar' thingy is all my own work. A simple CSS addition, and I'll post it as a TIP so that others can make use of it if they wish.

Thanks for suggesting that, Cath.