Saturday, 12 May 2007

TIP - Copyright . . . (for Cecilia's picture © info)

Cecilia asked about placing copyright information below a picture, possibly in a different font and colour so that it did not merge with the text of the post. My response was that she should highlight the copyright text and then select to 'center' it after choosing the 'font', its 'color' and its 'size'.

She managed this pretty easily when she elected to have the photograph showing in the middle of the page; the copyright caption just became another line of text, centred under the photograph! But when she tried that with a pic aligned to the left of the text, everything went 'pear-shaped'. And I suspect that exactly the same problem will occur if the pic is aligned to the right of the text.

Hmmmmm! Time to revisit the problem.


an original landscape by Cecilia Mercado
Photograph: © Cecilia Mercado

Much research of Blogger Help lines uncovered the fact that the new Blogger engine does NOT support captioning of pictures so, to get the effect, one has to 'fiddle' with the template HTML and the post AFTER you've uploaded the picture and saved the post, as a Draft, so that you can return to it and edit the HTML. No need to throw your hands up in horror. It really is a simple exercise!

In the next post I will walk you through the procedure. However, until I have managed to get comprehensive screenshots of each step I will try not to post anything that ends up confusing the reader. I will also try to add 'plain-text' code that needs to replace what Blogger produces so that you can literally copy/paste the 'edits'.

Stay tuned!

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TIP - Picture displays 101(b)

A bit of blurb on David McMahon - (click on the thumbnail for a larger image)This is an experiment to attempt to 'integrate' the lightbox variant, called "Thickbox", into a standard Blogger post.

If it works, then I've cracked this prickly little problem. Keep your fingers crossed, because if this thing comes off, none of our blogs are going to be viewed the same way ever again!

And if this works I will try the 'Gallery' display for pictures, still using 'Thickbox', but it will require much more editing of the HTML in the post. I am sure that a lot of people will throw their hands up in horror at this suggestion, but I will attempt to walk you through all the processes, step by step, until editing your pictures becomes second nature.

And I will explain HOW in the next post.



A bit of blurb on David McMahon - (click on the thumbnail for a larger image)

Update: 11 May 2007

Darn, but it only works 'partially'.

The script is being called successfully in both these examples, but the larger image that was uploaded to the Blogger server for the first attempt is 'refusing' to open!

The image on the right opens as it is expected to, the only difference is that the larger image is on a different server (my own). Don't understand why this is happening, but I am investigating . . .

Watch this space!



Update: 19 May 2007

Cracked it! I will post the step-by-step 'tute' as soon as I've managed to get all the screen captures necessary to make things crystal clear.

Watch out for a new post!

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