Thursday, 20 December 2007

TIP - Screw that Spanner

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I may be in a majority of ONE, but I've always disliked the "Screwdriver & Spanner" icons that appear below every widget in the sidebar. I KNOW my visitors cannot see these distractions, and that they only appear on the page of the blog owner, but I don't like the S&S, so there!

It irritates me because I know that I can access the widgets through my control panel, BUT your take might be different. Especially if you've added a lot of widgets and when you look at them in "Add and Arrange Page Elements", you don't have a clue which one is which. If you are in this category, then skip this 'tute'!

And then there is that "Pencil" icon below every post! Do you need it? For my part the answer is an emphatic 'YES', because I've lost count of the number of times I've re-read a post and found a typo that needs a quick correction. At least the "Pencil" takes me directly to the edit window of the post without having to click through several different steps to reach the same area.




Want to remove one, or the other, or both? You've come to the right place!



Go to Settings | Basic and where it asks you the question, "Show Quick Editing on your Blog?", simply answer "No"




Only a bit more complicated. That is, if you consider editing HTML as complicated! You only have to insert a bit of CSS code into the CSS already in your template.

Go to Template | Edit HTML, scroll down until you find the CSS properties and insert the following code anywhere on a new line immediately after a closing brace [ } ]:

.quickedit {

It is a good idea to put a 'commented-out' description of what you've just inserted, so that you can find it again quickly if you wish to reverse your editing.




Here is another 'screencap' of the same area I captured in the first pic, showing that the 'spanner has been screwed', but if you start to get withdrawal symptons without them there, retrace your steps and undo what you've just done!



Happy Blogging!

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