Thursday, 20 November 2008

Taking A Break ...

I've been taking a bit of a break. Many things have been happening in real-life that have colluded to keep me away from the old keyboard.

But I shall be back with a few more 'Tips-n-Tricks' soon.

If you are dropping in to check on whether there has been anything new, please accept my apologies.

Take care, and drop in again soon!

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CrazyCath said...

Just nudge us when this one goes back up. Tips n tricks are always always useful...

Fletch said...

You bet, Cath.

Trying to think of things that might interest the average blogger. Most seem to have overcome their problems, and the rest don't really want to 'fiddle'.

But "the proof of the pudding ... etc." If a visitor is tempted to try out something, then it is probably worth it!

Watch this space!

Sandi McBride said...

Hi Terry, I've heard so much about you from other bloggers that when I saw your name on my follower list, I was just so honored...hope you'll be back in soon as I'll be checking this site out frequently

Fletch said...


Thanks for that accolade. I'll need to check my hat size!

I've e-mailed you with a 'prezzie', but you don't have to accept.

Lee said...


I've gotten several comments, among the sudden influx, asking how I got my tag cloud. I thought I'd direct them to your playpen but I don't think you've put up a post (or two or three) about how to do that bit of magic. Any chance that you will? Or perhaps a place you can recommend that I could send them to if you're still on hiatus?


Fletch said...


I've posted about the label cloud, but don't take credit for it.

All the information is in the post and I give the author full credit.

For other visitors, you may not be aware that Lee was nominated as a "Blog of Note". Why don't you click on her profile image and go visit her!