Friday, 23 November 2007

TIP - Multiple Backlinks

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If you haven't already done so, you should read the blog post TIP - BACKLINKS below to get a feel for what you need to edit.

Let us assume that you wish to make a post with several 'links', similar to David McMahon's "Post Of The Week" feature. The links above are 'example' links, used for this demo, to display how it might look.

If this is what you want to achieve, follow these instructions:


► Click on the "Links to this post" bit in the footer of each post.

► When a new 'Post' window opens, select the Blog in which the link will appear, if you have more than one Blog.

► If you wish, change the title for the post that is going to be generated on your Blog from the one that appears automatically in the box.

► You will find a 'link' already inserted in the text area of the new post.

► Click on 'SAVE AS DRAFT'.

► Do the same thing for each post on each Blog (if there are several) and for each, click on 'SAVE AS DRAFT'.

► Several new 'Draft' posts will now appear in the 'Posts' section of your blog.

► Open up the first one and edit it, adding text above or below the existing URL, remembering to save it as a draft.

► Open the next 'draft' so that you can copy the URL that was placed in it.

► Reopen the first 'Draft' that you edited and add the newly-copied URL to that post. Save it as a 'Draft', yet again!

► Follow the same steps for each of the URL's you wish to link to.

► Now you can 'PUBLISH POST', and you can delete the other 'drafts' that have served their purpose, but which are no longer necessary and which are cluttering up your 'Post' section.


Phew! That's it. The explanation has taken longer than the actual task!

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