Saturday, 13 June 2009

TIP - 'SnagIt' & Image Mapping

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This post is only a little taste, a teaser, of what you can achieve using SnagIt. It isn't simply a 'screen capture' utility, it can be used to produce small objet d'art.


Can you spot the Google Ad? 

Can you spot the Google Ad?


If you combine a 'good' graphics programme (GIMP is 'Open Source' and FREE) with 'WLW', it is only your imagination that limits what you can produce for the edification of your visitors. Let me put it another way; why would you spend hours behind your camera capturing exotic and unusual subjects, and then serve them up in a frying pan rather than on an elegant Wedgewood dinner plate?

OK, that was a bit of an arrogant statement, but my point is that, despite some of the limitations that Blogger imposes on the average user, you can post images that grab the imagination!

The 'girlies' I have used here have featured before when I showcased  'Thickbox', another great little FREE script. The girls are only a bit of eye-candy and you shouldn't hold it against me!

SnagIt can easily insert 'hotspots' on an image that takes you to a new page when the graphic is clicked. This is called 'Image-Mapping', but it is worth it. Once the hotspots have been created on a single graphic image you can direct the viewer to just about anything you care to link to.

You can do exactly the same thing without needing to invest in a software programme. Visit the Poor Person's Image Mapper page and give it a test run. I am always ready to field questions if you run into trouble!

You won't regret it ...

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Thumbelina said...

Terry - the first link on "snagit" is broken. I have just downloaded WLW. OMGoodness. Why oh why don't I read this blog more often?

Thanks. It is a dream.

Fletch said...

Thanks for the 'heads-up' on the broken link, Cath. It looks like I need to pay attention to how WLW inserts links. Must test that to destruction and warn others if it is a problem!

Shrinky said...

Hey Fletch, never mind all this fancy stuff - I am ashamed to fess up I've forgotten how to so much as post up a link on my blog! (Blush)

I want to give you a shout over there, but er, need help (like I've been saying for years..)

Any chance you can remind me - pretty please with sprinkles on..?

Fletch said...

Assuming it is a blog addy you want to link to, do it like this ... (ooeeerrr! this is tricky - blogger converts the code into a REAL link - but I think I can cheat it)

<a href="">Name Of Blog</a>

That's it ...