Wednesday, 17 October 2007

TIP - Alternative Displays

This is an alternative display, using "Thickbox", for a series of small thumbnails that, when clicked, will take the viewer to a 'Gallery' display without actually leaving the page.
If the "Thickbox" script works as it should, you will be served up a larger image, superimposed on this page, and you will see 'navigation' links from one picture to another. What more can you ask for?
The following series of pictures are of some very attractive young ladies that 'T3 Magazine' uses to advertise their electronic goods. You have to look closely to actually see the electronic items in question (for instance, the fashionable pelmet that girl #8 is wearing detracts somewhat!), but that's OK, because I'm not really advertising for them.
So, here goes!

'T3' girl 1 'T3' girl 2 'T3' girl 3

'T3' girl 4 'T3' girl 5 'T3' girl 6

'T3' girl 7 'T3' girl 8 This is  NOT a 'T3' girl!
I have to strongly emphasise that the series of pics above are not 'sexist' in any way; they were used because they were a convenient 'series' available on my hard drive. Oh, okay, and for a bit of entertainment for the lecherous old men that might visit this page. (see the comment by Anonymous)
That's the end of the demo. You should now have a clearer idea about what you can accomplish on your Blog. Whether it is an 'iBlogger', 'Wordpress' (Wordpress has it built in as a plugin!), or any other.
In line with David McMahon's philosophy of trying to help as many interested bloggers as possible, I am more than willing to help, either here or one-on-one, anybody that asks. If I find that several 'peeps' ask the same question I may resort to using this medium to provide a full explanation so that bloggers can drop by and pick the ideas they wish to use.
Happy Blogging!


mrsnesbitt said...

Awesome Blog here Terry! I am speechless, andthat doesn't happen very often!

Will add you to my blogroll if that is are the type of person I need to keep in with! LOL!


Fletch said...

An honour, ma'am!

Come back and take whatever you like. That was the whole idea behind the blog.

whodatdare said...

This looks intersting, Terry. I love the thickbox and use it on all the images in my blog, so when I have a set to put up I will try this out. I always look forward to seeing your posts.

Kind Regards,

whodatdare (John)

Fletch said...

Hey John,

Thanks for the comment. Didn't realise that peeps are visiting regularly, so I'd better get off my butt and start being 'proactive' as opposed to reacting to requests!

Thickbox has other interesting features that you could make use of. Especially the 'iframe' display that can actually show a whole web page, or document, or whatever.


Pope Terry said...

Hello Terry I have a question, is it possible to have a picture running down one side of my blog, repeating like a tiled desktop background, but only on one side. If so could you give me some idea of how to do this down the left hand side of my blog. Thanks for the help if you can.

Fletch said...

Your Eminence (as David has dubbed you),

I've emailed you direct, but I need to know which of your 3 blogs you want to add this to.

Different strokes for different ...!

The template authors don't make this an easy fix, as their build(s) are pretty much restricted to how things are displayed INSIDE the template. I guess they expect you to be satisfied with the plain vanilla flavour. And in all fairness, most people are!

Fletch said...


Cracked it.

Take a look at the Test Site for a display using the theme you're currently using.

I've also emailed you, and if this is what you're after, I'll email the complete destructions to you!


Lee said...

Hi Terry, I came over here at David's suggestion. He wrote a post asking for responses on our own blogs and also asking for backlinks. I responded but when I read the description of how to do a backlink on New Blogger it made absolutely no sense. I do have them enabled. We were wondering if you could explain how they happen and work. Things I don't understand are which end to start from and how to make it happen in the post, if that is even possible.

Thanks & Peace!

Catmoves said...

Found your site through the link on Pope Terry's pages.
Internet Exploder, er, Explorer, has a browser add on like your Thickbox.
Personal choice of mine, but I soon got irritated by the constant interfering with my scrolling on some pages, (I love surfing) so I deleted it.
I do, however enjoy your site and will more than likely ask for some help down the line.
Thank you for the offer.

Fletch said...


I've been remiss responding to comments, AND to trotting out the help when it is asked for.

I know we've already corresponded by email, but this is for anybody else that may be following the thread.


I've tested it to destruction on my test sites, and try as I might I can't get it to do what the 'Blogger Help' says it will. I've even trawled the web looking for an answer, and although several people have suffered the same problem that we have encountered (links don't link - to put it mildly), nobody who has encountered this phenomenon seems to have come up with the answer. The ones that haven't found it to be a problem can't see what the fuss is about!

Looks like it will have to be a quick email to the Blogger Help Forums to see if there is a simple answer.

I'm still hunting. Refuse to be beaten by a darn script!

Fletch said...

Hi catmoves,

Thanks for the comment.

Internet Explorer is also my browser of choice. I can see the advantages of Firefox and Opera, but since the majority of visitors to my sites use IE, I choose to concentrate on the display in that browser initially, tweaking things if they don't work too well in the others. At least I can be sure that the majority of my visitors will be satisfied. Doesn't mean I ignore the other browsers (none of us should), but I don't get as twitched about the issue as much as some people appear to.

However, desigining a display using 'Thickbox' that is cross-browser compatible, means that ALL the visitors get to see the display as it was intended to be viewed by the author, not just IE users.

Please ask if you want something because, to misquote a recent British Prime Minister, "Presentation, presentation, presentation!" is what it is all about.


Lee said...


Thank you for taking time to look into this for me and David. We both really appreciate it.

It is reassuring to know that I'm not the only one who is stumped by blogger directions and help files. I'm glad that a smarter head that mine is looking into the issue. I know you'll figure it out!

Thank you also for being so gracious to put a link on your blog to mine. I shall reciprocate. :)


Fletch said...

Thanks for showing such infinite patience, Lee. Don't know if that is a characteristic of a 'cursillista', because I don't know who or what that is!

Whatever, I'll keep nibbling away at this elephant, one bite at a time. We shall get there in the end.

Thumbelina said...

Re comments to and from Lee re backlinks -
Now I know you have been nibbling this particular elephant (blogger backlinks) for longer than I have been a blogger. It totally frustrates me and I now officially give up!!!
If YOU can't find the answer then I don't know who can.
(Hopped over here from a post in the future which is linked.)

Anonymous said...

First thank you for the technical advice. very helpful. But hey let's be honest, it's sexist as hell. A woman is not an object d' art or any other kind of object. Just saying it's not sexist doesn't make it not sexist. Not upset, not angry...simply defining what sexist is. You are clearly not misogynist, you like women. They are the same as candy.