Friday, 13 July 2007

Update . . .

New computer. New OS (Windows Vista). Same old problem. And NO, it isn't connected to paraskavedekatriaphobia, or what is commonly known as the "The Fear of Friday the 13th"!

Can't build a local network because M$, in their wisdom, have changed just about everything as far as Administering your account is concerned. They claim that it 'hardens up' your computer against vile on-line attacks. Sure! What they don't say is that they've changed things so much that, you can barely access the internet. Which makes your computer pretty safe!

It is now a game of 'trial-and-error' to build a local network, and until I've managed to do that then all my old files are sitting on the old computer and thumbing their collective nose at me.

Figuratively speaking, of course!

Bear with me, folks! I will be good to go in a few days . . .

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whodatdare said...

No worries, Terry. I've heard that Vista can be a bear. Looking forward to the tutes in the future. It just gives me time to figure out the rest ;)


Fletch said...

Thanks for the sympathetic note, John.

Vista is a real 'B-breaker', especially trying to get files off another computer with a different OS (WinXP). Upgrading is apparently 'a-piece-of-cake', but be warned that trying to import your old stuff to a NEW install of Vista turns the experience into a nightmare.

Nearly there . . . !!

Catmoves said...

I think you should have gone with Win XP. Almost everything I've read in forums is anti Vista. After all, MS has had enough time to get most of the bugs out of that one.

Fletch said...

Hi catmoves.

The deed is done. Vista isn't as bad as some 'professionals' are painting it, but it does require a change in attitude. Almost as big a change in thinking as the jump from Win95 to Win98.

I shall persevere, and I'm happy to report that I'm almost there ... !!