Thursday, 1 October 2009

David Has Left The Stage …

has left the stage. David has abandoned blogland (authorblog) to concentrate on his writing. The last I heard from him he had submitted his second novel to the publishers and was quite a way through the second novel!

No, you didn’t read that wrong. Nor did I mistype it.

His second novel was to be 'The Jadhu Master', but it looks like his publishers managed to convince him that he should complete his THIRD novel, 'Muskoka Maharani' ahead of schedule, which he obligingly did.

And we all know how obliging he can be!

This post is to update regular visitors to his site that one of his featured articles, "The Sunday Roast" will not now succumb to his departure.

The good news is that fellow blogger, Eddie Bluelights of Clouds and Silvery Linings will be picking up where David left off (at David's request I might add), and will continue this feature starting mid-October.

I have bookmarked Eddie's site so that I can follow the feature. Why don't you do the same?


Catch you later …


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Thumbelina said...

Now that's cheating! Copying and pasting. I expected more bells and whistles here! lol ;0)

Fletch (on the road) said...


Lucky to be able to post at all. I am recovering from a COMPLETE computer failure, including the backups, and this is Maria's laptop.

I shall get back to you with an email when we return from our extended weekend. I have (excellent) news re WLW, Vista and 64-bit. In short - it all works seamlessly!

Thumbelina said...

Complete computer failure? You??!!
*ghast is suitably flabbered*

Enjoy your weekend and look forward to hearing from you. No hurry. :)

Fletch said...

The next post attempts to explain, although I am still at a loss as to what happened.

I now have two 500GB, very expensive paperweights, sitting beside me daring me to extract any information off them.

I will. They just don't know it at the moment ...