Thursday, 30 July 2009

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I am not partial to 'exposing' ME to the WWW but, on occasion, others might find this an easier way to introduce themselves to their visitors. It manages to put a 'human' face on things (you could add a really sexy picture - one that you wouldn't include on your normal blogger profile!), and allows you to disclose stuff that isn't included in the standard 'Profile'.

For example, I've added a bit of information on this blog so that you can get an idea about what I am trying to encourage you to do.

Click on the "... and the rest!" link in the sidebar to see what I mean.


Additional Profile


This requires you to fiddle with the HTML of the template so, before you answer the poll below, think seriously about whether you want the hassle!


Will you use this tweak?


The reason I've added the poll is to ascertain whether it is worth going through the trouble of recording each step. There aren't that many, but it involves a bit more fiddling with the HTML than other tweaks that I have posted before.

Complete the poll and I will accede to the majority view.

Can't say fairer than that ...

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