Thursday, 14 May 2009

No Stopping Me Now …

There really is no stopping me now! This 'Windows Live Writer' programme is so easy to use that I can't think that I shall go back to editing things in either the WYSIWYG (Compose) window, or in the HTML window, or in a text editor - ever again!

This programme even has an HTML window (I'm actually typing in it at the moment) that allows you to insert snippets of code that aren't carried as standard. The 'capital' letter I use to start each new post, for example!


My Patch ...


With a single click you can insert a map, as I have done above. It is the area of Lisbon, Portugal in which I live. Precisely at the apex of the L-shaped building, bottom left, that you can't see in the thumbnail (sorry about that). The bit of 'green' is the space I use to walk the dog and let him exercise a little a couple of times a day. On reflection, it really is a crime to keep a hyper-active Boxer locked up in a 7th floor flat!



Adding images is a GAS. The proggy actually manages to add all sorts of little effects that it would take you a month of Sundays to reproduce with CSS or HTML. The above took one click to produce rounded corners.

Now, how cool is that?

I shall post more about the functionality of 'Windows Live Writer' as I discover the various things it has to offer. In the meantime, why don't you take it for a test drive? The learning curve is so shallow that you'll wonder why this has been such a well-kept secret for so long!

Have a blast …

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Thumbelina said...

Rounded corners on pictures? Ooooh. Perfect for my template.

7th floor? Your poor legs.

Thumbelina said...

OK I have posted the latest post using WLW. I am very happy with it. Very.

I just have to learn a bit more about placing photos. I have that many in the post they overlapped and were out of synch when I published but I have managed to sort it out. Other than that, the thing is an absolute Godsend for a lazy blogger like me. Perfect. Thanks.

Fletch said...

Don't rush it, AND, use the 'Preview' tab to see how it intends to display stuff.

When you 'insert' your picture into your post you will see handles on the corners and sides that allow you to re-size the pic to whatever size you wish to display. The proggy takes care of the final dimensions and placement before it publishes to your blog.

If you find that some pics are 'overlapping' or 'out of synch' then you have to blame yourself. HAH!

But I'm sure it will all fall into place, soon!

Thumbelina said...

Don't rush it?
Don't rush it???!!?

You're talking to ME man! I want it NOW!