Thursday, 29 November 2007

Now, Here's A Question ...

I may as well get some mileage out of building the "Poll-in-a-Post" tutorial to gauge what my visitors think. And why not?

If you have the time, please choose the answer that is closest to what you think. This particular Poll isn't multi-choice, so you will have to put up with what I anticipate your opinions will be.


Q. What is your take on the 'tutorials' on this site?


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katherine. said...

hello...I came by way of David's "AuthorBlog" and am looking forward to reading some of your tips.

Fletch said...

Welcome katherine.

Hope you find something of interest, and you can take whatever you want.

Don't hesitate to ask if you have something specific in mind - here, or email me direct.


whodatdare said...

Terry, the tutorials are very easy to follow and I've enjoyed using the thickbox, and the tute on Youtube vids. I haven't used the others yet but will soon. Thanks for all your efforts.


Fletch said...

Hey John.

Makes all the difference in the world when somebody like you says what you've just said.

I don't try to be as prolific as the rest of you guys, because this isn't a blog of personal topics. My posts here are 'few and far between', picking out things in which I think you may have an interest.

I am about to post a series of 'obvious' tweaks that most peeps tend not to bother about, but which might make their blogs a bit more user friendly - to them and to visitors.