Saturday, 19 May 2007

Cracked it . . .

This is just here to tell you that I've managed to crack the prickly problem of making 'Thickbox' work with Blogger-uploaded pictures.

More will be added to this post . . . standby!


Update: - (later in the day)

We will have to tackle this in two parts.

  • The first is the 'edit' you need to apply to your template.
  • The second will be what you need to do to get your picture(s) to display in the sexy Thickbox format.

The next couple of posts will deal with each scenario and, just to show that everything actually works as it should, I will display the larger graphics as a Thickbox image!

Edit: change of plan - I will display the pictures as full-sized images so that you can READ the text the image displays!

If you are still not clear about what a 'Thickbox' display looks like, you can scroll down the page to a couple of earlier posts, or if you prefer, click on the following links: Test Post and Picture displays - 101b.

All this is in response to something started by David McMahon, who emailed me with a 'suggestion' that I respond to some questions on his blog, and then subsequent questions and comments by papoosue, phaseoutgirl and B.T.Bear (esq.) (who does a mean tutorial, too)!

Gather round, and the first to claim success will get an 'honourable mention' on David McMahon's authorblog.

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david mcmahon said...

Hi El Tel,

Nice one, squire! Have been out of range for almost 24 hours, but am back at my computer.

Just about to post a link to this. Gimme ten minutes ....



Fletch said...

Hey, you started this. And if I'd known how bloody limited the new Blogger engine is, I may have had second thoughts.

F'rinstance: Blogger won't allow you to post 'code' mixed into your text, on the grounds that the 'bad-hats' might slip in some kind of nasty exploit.

Bah, Humbug!

There are other ways of stopping that sort of thing, not crippling the poor user!

But, I've managed to get around those limitations, and I hope the viewers are suitably receptive to the effort.

Let's see how many take up the challenge!